Five Unique and Original Light-Based Christmas Decorations for Your Home

Lights are popular during Christmas time, because they bring magic and cheer. Whether you are celebrating the occasion during summer or winter, lights are a fantastic way to bring warmth into your life, your home and your community.

Light-based Christmas decorations can be warm and inviting, like an open hearth in a family home. They can be rich and comforting, conveying ideas of tradition and heritage – but lights can also be sparkling and elegant, like the twinkle of Santa’s eye, or the glimmer of the moon on the ocean during a warm Summer’s evening.

The great consideration for light-based Christmas decorations is that they are versatile and can create diverse moods, depending on your theme and purpose for Christmas decorations, and the atmosphere that you would like to create in your home or your community.

If you are heading in the direction of a light-based Christmas display, the good news is that there are many different options for you to choose from. Gone are the days when all that was on offer was a simple strip of fairy lights. Christmas stores are powered up with many options that can excite and delight you. Here are five unique and original light-based Christmas decorations for your home, that you may choose to include in your overall Christmas decoration display.

Solar powered Christmas lights

Save your electricity bill and take the solar powered option. Solar powered lights use the sun’s energy to power them up, and they will continue to shine brightly, using the stored sun’s energy, all night long.

Solar powered lights come in different varieties, but one of the great options is solar powered stake lights. These slot into the ground of your front lawn, and stand proud among the other displays that you choose to erect in your front yard. These are simple features that use the sun’s rays as energy for strong light power, and are easy to install if you have a strip of grass in the front of your house.

Mix solar powered lights together with standard electric lights for a fascinating and engaging display that will impress not only your family, but everyone in your neighbourhood who walks past or drives by your home during the Christmas period.

Christmas light motifs

Christmas light motifs are great inside our outside your home, and they also look great in public settings such as stores and malls. They are brilliant, stand-alone, Christmas features that are bright and dramatic. They easily attract attention from both adults and young children, and you can use them as the centrepiece for your entire display, or incorporate them into a large and impressive presentation.

Christmas light motifs are symbols, shapes or pictures that relate to the themes of the Christmas period. They are versatile and will fit in easily with either a traditional or contemporary presentation. You can find Christmas light motifs in the shapes of reindeers, gift boxes, bells and candles. There are many styles and types to choose from, so get excited and start designing your light and brilliant Christmas display today.

Fairy and rope lights

Fairy lights and rope lights do not need to be boring. They can be impressive and crazy, and as original as you like. There are many different kinds and styles of fairy lights, so don’t skip over them in your search for a unique and customised display.

The great thing about Christmas lights is that they come in different shapes and colours. They can be incredibly funky and light up your home like a rainbow, they can calm your home down and make it tranquil and sophisticated, and they can be incorporated into large and impressive displays that utilise the many different types of light decorations available.

LED lighting displays

LED lights offer an alternative form of traditional Christmas lights. They are contemporary and stunning, and they glow differently in the night to other lights. They can be streamed and stringed together for an impressive display, and they can be created out of white lights, or lights of every colour.

Icicle lights

If you are seeking an elegant option for your Christmas display, then look at icicle lights which hang down from the ceiling and excite and delight all who view them. They hang in rows, attached to the top rope, like icicles, and they can create beautiful and tranquil patterns for a unique and class Christmas display.

DAYS Til Santa!