Shatterproof Baubles

Most adults will be able to recall that time of excitement when the children were called upon for that all important task of decorating the tree.  Perhaps the most memorable part was the addition of the different coloured and sized glass baubles.  Large ones at the bottom medium ones in the middle… Standing on chairs to get the little ones on the top.

Invariably the excitement and the rushing to make sure you got more on than your brothers and sisters lead to accidents with the fragile glass baubles very easily smashed.  With Christmas in Australia coinciding with summer the breaking of glass baubles often resulted in tiny shards of glass find their way into young feet.

Of course every couple of years new baubles would need to be purchased to make up for the ones that had broken.While people technology has now moved forward so that adding beautiful multicoloured glass baubles to your tree does not need to result in glass shards on the floor and a yearly expense to replace broken baubles… Enter stage right the shatterproof glass bauble.  Shatterproof glass baubles provide all the beauty, sparkle and fun of the old glass baubles without the mess, the danger and the ongoing expense.

If it’s glass Christmas bauble buying time you then go shatterproof.