Snow Globe Ornaments

Snow Globes are popular with collectors worldwide. They capture your imagination with the intricate scenes inside each globe as they seem to tell a story and draw you in. Christmas Kingdom offers a variety of Snow Globe ornaments that are not only beautiful, sweet and fun but add to the season with their many stories.

Snow globes are traditionally made of a see-through glass globe that encloses a scene or a story of some sort. The globe also houses water, which allows the “snow” to fall. When the globe is shaken, the white particles begin to fall around like delicate white snowflakes. Once you see a snow globe it’s almost impossible not to give it a shake and watch with wonder at the tiny little blizzard you’ve created.

It is believed that the first snow globes came from France sometime during the early 19th century. In the year 1878, snow globes appeared at the Paris Universal Expo and then by 1879 a handful of companies were producing and selling them. By the 1920s they had made their way to America. In the 1950s snow globes evolved and were becoming available in plastic, rather than just glass, making them even more readily available.

Christmas Kingdom features a variety of snow globes such as the Santa Driving a Train Snow Globe. Not only does this piece feature a beautiful snow globe complete with Santa inside sitting on a big brown chair steering the train as the snow flutters around, but the even the “stand” the globe sits on is part of the piece. The globe rests on a brightly coloured red train with plenty of detail such as Christmas garland, puffs of snow and toys spilling out.

There is also the Gold Challis Snow Globe, which a stunning ornate gold challis with a globe atop. Inside the globe is Santa in his sleigh being pulled through the air by his reindeer. Give it a shake and he appears to be flying through the snow.