Rattan Light Motif

Creating your light motif is no small undertaking. Plenty of thought usually goes into the plan as each person puts his or her own spin on Christmas lighting. One of the options for lighting is Christmas Kingdom’s Rattan Light Motif, featuring more than 30 unique and special offerings.

Rattan is a vine found on the Calamus, a climbing palm. It is typically found in the tropics, more specifically in Indonesia and South East Asia. It’s a common and ideal material choice thanks to its flexibility and strength. Rattan material is in fact water-resistant, however steaming and/or heating may cause it to bend. It is used in a large variety of items today, most commonly in furniture.

If the look of rattan is what you’re looking for, then you are sure to find an item, or two or three, to suit your needs! Christmas Kingdom features such items as the Gold Rattan Snowman with Top Hat. This fun piece features a snowman decked out in a silver rattan scarf hanging on to a bright green wreath complete with a red bow and mini lights. He sparkles and glows all at the same time.

There is also a variety of Lamp Posts available, in a number of different colours such as the Silver Metal Lamp Post. This stunning piece is a shining silver lamp post with a stunning silver bow lit by pure white mini lights. Any of the lamp posts will work well on its own and are also ideal to pair up with other rattan lighting pieces.

A classic sign of Christmas is Santa’s reindeer, which is beautifully depicted with the Silver Blue Led Reindeer. Not only is the reindeer lit with silver blue LED lights but it is also animated as its head moves up and down as it appears to be eating. Pick up a few of these gorgeous reindeers and pair them together on your lawn.