300 Multi LED Green Wire

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This string of LED 30M Christmas Lights are Warm White and secured to dark green wire that will blend well with the boughs of a tree this holiday season. These lights are amazing, and the warm white colour offers a way to give your tree that sentimental and festive glow that appears to be lit by candles or fire light. Instead of the cool luminescence of pure-white LEDs, which are offered and sold separately, these warm white LEDs are a warmer tone and emit a different aura. These are very welcoming and inviting, pairing well with any colour themes or decorative displays. These gently light-up the spaces and accents of the season, using the energy-efficient and long-lasting LED bulbs. Each string of lights is 30-metres in length, which also makes them great for your outdoor decorating projects, too! Use the eight-function controller to give your lights a distinctive look or sequence to make the home stand apart from any other in your neighbourhood! Controller also has a memory function to make utility even more convenient.

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  • 300 Multi LED Fairy Lights on Green Wire 
  • 200 Lights 
  • 20mtrs of lights and 7.5mtrs lead wire 
  • 8 Function Controller with memory, including steady on, chasing, twinkling etc. 
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (Transformer must be undercover or in a Dry Box)
  • SAA approved.

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