Blue Reindeer with Sleigh Silhouette Christmas Lights

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There is nothing that captures the imagination and the heart like the thought of Santa riding through the sky on his magical sleigh, being pulled by his team of steadfast reindeer. This Blue Reindeer with Sleigh Silhouette brings this image to your home illuminated by brilliant blue LED lights! Measuring approximately 10cm by 24cm in length, this is the perfect-sized accent for many spaces around your home. Place him high to replicate the sleigh in flight across the globe; station the light low to capture an image of Santa and his team on the ground. Wherever you place this silhouette, it will cast a cool, blue glow over your home and decor that is wintry and wonderful! Want a great gift for someone near and dear but don’t want to break your holiday shopping budget? Give them one of these clever Christmas Light silhouettes for their own home. Every time that they use this treasured gift they will fondly remember the person who gave it to them- you!

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Weight 2.43 kg
Dimensions 27 × 10 × 24 cm

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