Drop Christmas Garland 360cm

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Our 360cm Drop Christmas Garland will spruce up your porches, doorways or windows over the holiday season. Start with a Drop Garland and weave with lights and tinsel or team with our Poinsettia with Berries for a traditional piece. The Drop Garland can be dressed up or down with baubles, ribbons, bows, beads, and pic and spray items. You’ll be able to pack it up at the end of the season so you can use it again next year, and because it is so versatile, you can create a unique look each year to match your changing decor. Garlands are one of the first Christmas decorations, and were usually made from natural products before the Christmas decoration market exploded. Keeping a garland in your home is a lovely nod to Christmases past.

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Weight 4.5000 kg
Dimensions 80.0000 × 40.0000 × 25.0000 cm

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