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These grand LED 20M Christmas lights with Multicolour bulbs are exactly what you want to decorate the home with this holiday season. Each 20-metre strand is connected with clear wire, so it will merge and pair with any background. That means you can use these indoors or out, without worry of them sticking out or contrasting with your home surfaces. These bulbs are magnificent LED, so they will stay bright and vibrant without running up your utility costs during the Christmas season. Enjoy the bevy of bright and cheery colours that these lights illuminate, and they will match your traditional holiday decor as well as be a cohesive component of your own distinctive contemporary themes. These are the perfect solution for windows, doors, and eaves, when you want to make your house stand out from others in your neighbourhood. Use these on your Christmas tree, too; this is the only strand of lights that you will need to use this year, and you won’t have to untangle or connect additional strands to make your tree complete.

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Dimensions 10.00 × 22.00 × 16.00 cm

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