#19 Five House Village set 24pcs

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Delight your family and guests with this exquisite Porcelain House Village Set. Let this village scene take you back to a simpler time in a friendly village atmosphere. Marvel at the old Bakery and the gingerbread-style houses. Move the figurines around to make your own memorable scene and take the time to enjoy the intricate details of the horse-drawn carriage. The village is gorgeous by day and glowing by night – all it takes is a flick of a switch to light it up! The set consists of 4 x 11cm buildings: 3 houses and 1 bakery, 9 trees, 2 lanterns, 8 figures and a horse-drawn carriage with hand-painted detail. LED lights require 3 x AA batteries (not included).

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  • 5 Porcelain Houses 11cm tall
  • 9 Trees
  • 2 Lanterns
  • 8 Figurines
  • 1 carriage
  • a string of lights to illuminate the houses
  • Battery Powered 3 x AA, not included
  • An additional Transformer can be purchased

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