Silver Maxi Tinsel 20cm 4ply 2.5m

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It simply wouldn’t be Christmas without silver tinsel. Whether you like to wrap it around your holiday tree, or drape it in the windows, silver tinsel garland is an accent that seems to go with the wintry themes and Christmas decor every year. This 4-ply Silver Maxi Tinsel is the lush, beautiful tinsel that you want for your home decorating projects. Each 4-ply length is hearty and thick, measuring around 2 e -metres in length. That is plenty of tinsel to start decking the halls in your home this holiday. Use this around a simple green wreath, or pile this tinsel on a platter to serve as a base for an easy centrepiece. Nest a few shatterproof baubles in the tinsel for a simple and sparkling accent. Shatterproof baubles in all sizes and colours are offered and sold separately. Be sure to add only quality silver tinsel to your tree as the finishing touch that elevates the entire tree. This is the quality silver tinsel that will do that!

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Weight 0.3000 kg
Dimensions 20.0000 × 30.0000 × 50.0000 cm
Bauble Size Cm

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