Cream Glass Card Holders

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There are so many clever ways to incorporate these beautiful Champagne Glass Card Holders into your holidays. For instance, use these as place card holders at a Christmas dinner, or give these to guests that attend your annual party as a keepsake favour. These also make exemplary gifts for hosts and hostesses that invite you to their holiday happenings this season. There are three each of two distinctly different glittered designs, so you may want to break up the set and share these with friends as thoughtful little holiday remembrances. Give one to a friend or loved one with a cherished photo in the fixture at the top- such a meaningful gift while being very inexpensive. These would stun and awe on a formal dining table, and are quite chic and elegant to admire. These Champagne Glass Card Holders are lovely, and the versatility ensures that you will find dozens of ways to use them this Christmas!

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