Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Albury – Wodonga

Albury and Wodonga are twin cities on the brilliant Murry River in Australia. This regional location is a hub for shopping and entertainment attractions, and it comes to life over the Christmas period. If you are living in or visiting the Albury – Wodonga region you certainly won’t be disappointed by the offerings over summer […]

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Christmas in Launceston

Launceston is in Tasmania, and offers a fantastic location to spend the summer and Christmas period. Unlike cities on the mainland, Launceston’s southern location ensures that the weather will be cool and comfortable. Although Christmas, which is celebrated in an Australian summer, is the hottest time of the year, it is much cooler in Launceston and its surrounding areas.

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Christmas in Toowoomba

Toowoomba is Australia’s largest inland regional city and its commercial services cater for an even larger geographical region. If you are planning on spending this Christmas in Toowoomba you certainly won’t be disappointed as the entire city comes to life, and there are many places to shop, dine, explore and party. [mappress mapid=”20″] Toowoomba is […]

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Christmas in Darwin

Darwin is a major tourist destination for both Australians and international visitors to the country, including over the Christmas period. While Darwin is a long way away from Sydney and Melbourne, a flight to Darwin is well worth the effort, even during the warmer months of summer.

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Christmas in Cairns

Christmas in Cairns is fun, yet hot! This city, located in Northern Queensland is coastal and a popular attraction for Australians and visitors from overseas. During the summer, many visitors make their way up the East Coast of Australia, and end up in Cairns, which is right near the tip of the Cape York Peninsular.

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Christmas in Townsville

Christmas Lunch in Townsville Surprisingly there are many different locations to dine on Christmas day in the Townsville region, so you’ll surely have somewhere to eat if you are visiting from out town, or if you are from the local area and you are simply seeking a convenient option away from home. Check out the signs in the windows of local [...]

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