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What Christmas would be complete with a drive around the neighbourhood to visit the houses that have gone to town with their Christmas light decorating? It’s one of the few times neighbours and strangers come together simply for the pleasure of enjoying some good clean on honest celebratory fun.
To help you find your way around the places with Christmas lights this year, we have built a new website dedicated to Suburban Christmas lights setups here

Christmas Lights Australia.

You can search for them using a full size Google map. Are you decorating your house this year? Add your address to and we will let all our Facebook friends know so those nearby can come and visit.

If you know of someone who decorates their house each year, but can’t find their listing on our site please let us know about it so we can get it added. You can even add someone’s else’s lights of you like – as long as people find out about them that’s all that really matters.

Of course if they are your lights… don’t forget to also enter them in the Christmas Kingdom Christmas Lights Competition here

A Christmas light installation competition

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